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Blind Assistant


Blind Assistant is prototype of a system which helps blind or visually impaired people to walk around independently. This system uses sensors to detect obstacles which comes in front of them and warns them by giving sound, light, and vibration feedbacks. By using this system, a disabled persons will be able to walk and navigate themselves without taking others assistance. The system has been developed using both the hardware and software implementations.


  • The aim of this project is to propose a portable device, designed for visually impaired individuals to assist them with getting around.
  • Blind Assistant will provide direction to location and alert the user of obstacles in their path
  • To track a disabled person using GSM and GPS modules

Future Work

A variety of future scope are available that can be used of with this system such as:

  • Usage of GPS can help the blind person to source to destination route information.
  • Water sensor that senses presence of water in a pathway, allowing the safe walk of the blind people in order to avoid slipping.
  • Bluetooth connected device will help the blind person to navigate more easily by using human voices for directions