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Alumni are a valuable asset of every university. We not only want our alumni to stay connected with Kardan University, but also want them to be updated about latest developments at the university and be a part of these developments. The ever expanding Kardan University Alumni Network is created for this purpose.

One of the major objectives of the network is to share the accomplishments, experiences and achievements of its alumni with the current students. This will provide career and intellectual role models for the students. Alumni’s involvement in different events and activities at the university will provide an opportunity for the students to learn from their experiences and implement their learnt lessons in their personal, social and professional endeavors. The Alumni Network’s success and effectiveness is tied with active participation from the alumni themselves and coming up with innovative initiatives for the network, the current students and the university as a whole.

Some of the specific objectives of the office of Alumni and Gender Relations:

  • Linking back the alumni with the university
  • Promoting solidarity and cooperation between students and alumni
  • Linking alumni with current students
  • Promoting alumni achievements and accomplishments
  • Promoting and enhancing alumni involvement in major university initiatives
  • Bringing positive changes in the lives of current students
  • Raising gender related awareness among staff and students through different programs
  • Addressing gender related issues faced by both female and male students