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Department of Research and Development

Need of R&D in Kardan University

Improving high-quality research is a necessary requirement for creating successful position in academic world. The objectives of Department of Research & development (DRD) of Kardan University are:

To build research careers, internationalization of human potential, support to strengthen the knowledge foundation and promote the creation of new ideas blended with cognitive and creative approaches, as well as societal impact of education, research and innovation.

DRD Vision Statement

The vision for Kardan University’s future with regards to research will serve as a framework for the concrete direction in the area of research for the strategic plan 2015-2020 and will guide every aspect of research by defining what the University needs to accomplish in order to achieve sustainable quality growth in research areas. The vision informs all decisions and activities. It is the living, breathing heart of the University.

DRD Mission Statement

The mission is defined as a creation of a pervasive research culture across all academic disciplines and to achieve a leading position in the region within areas that are of national importance, by

  • Sustainable development and effective use of the University infrastructure and human resources,
  • Continuous improvement of supporting frameworks by implementing best practices, perfectionism, creativity, transparency, sustainability and
  • Promotion and development of multidisciplinary research initiatives to create a fully integrated knowledge society and make significant contributions to the social and economic development of Kardan University and its environment.

Dr. Nassir Ul Haq Wani

Coordinator, DRD


078 073 7719

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