Quality Assurance Functions

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  • Facilitate the mission and objectives of the university for enhancing the quality and relevance of teaching and learning and respond to global trends on quality education;
  • Guide and assist the program offering entitles i.e. departments, faculties, and institutes of the university to define program objectives;
  • Develop standards and benchmarks for various academics and administrative activities of the university;
  • Organize workshops, seminars and appropriate training for capacity building and promoting QA culture at all levels of the university;
  • Facilitating the creation of outcomes-based education and a student-centred learning throughout the university using technology for a participatory teaching and learning process;
  • Review existing procedures for further improvement of delivery teaching and learning;
  • Provide support to the study program offering academic units to conduct the self-assessment, external peer review and implement QA process at program level;
  • Facilitate the approval of new program offering entity and new programs for existing entities using appropriate QA procedures
  • Develop a data base containing information regarding quality assurance, which will be available to all stakeholders
  • Prepare and produce an annual institutional Quality Assurance Monitoring Report which will be discussed and approved by the university’s QAAC and subsequently submitted to the QAAD
  • Advise university management, faculty, and departments on QA and related matters;
  • Prepare the detailed budget of the QAAC
  • Facilitating International cooperation in quality assurance and accreditation.