Admission Information Webinar

Kardan University conducted a series of ‘Admission Information Session’ aimed at providing awareness to prospective students about the academic programs, enrollment procedure, University facilities and resources starting August 9 – 15, 2020.

The academic administrator of each Department and a faculty member, presented the webinar and answered the queries of the students about the programs through Zoom Meeting Application in a pre-scheduled plan.

The main objective of the webinar series was to familiarize newly enrolled and prospective students with the curriculum, academic programs, academic structure, financial assistance and scholarship opportunities, pieces of training, seminars study tours, and more across fields. The presenters also discussed different ways how students can get engaged in extra and Co-curricular activities while pursuing their respective degree programs at Kardan University.

The information sessions were substantially important for new students who still need to understand every bit about their degree program of choice and how it can help them shape their lives and achieve their objectives.