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Office of the International Affairs & Strategic Partnerships (OIASP)

The Office of International Affairs & Strategic Partnerships (OIASP) at Kardan University is headed by a team of dedicated academic leaders, advised by the Vice Chancellor, and supported by the Strategic Plan Advisory Committee (SPAC). A group of Deans representing each of the University’s faculties plus other key academic units are behind functions of this office. The operations of this office are divided in to the two main constituents of its title, i.e. International Affairs and Strategic Partnerships.

International Affairs

For International Affairs, this office primarily serves to facilitate the following:

  • International academic partnerships and nonacademic collaborations.
  • International student exchange programs in order to facilitate study abroad opportunities for the students of Kardan University as well as for incoming international students from partner universities, on Kardan University offered international scholarship or on scholarships offered by any other organization.
  • International faculty exchange programs in order to facilitate international exposure, faculty development initiatives and collaborative research opportunities for the faculty members of Kardan University.
  • International academic accreditation, quality assurance and professional bodies’ partnerships.
  • International initiatives in the areas of scholarship and research funding, jointly delivered academic programs, internships, corporate associations, etc. to name a few
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Furthermore, this office provides continuous and unified actions within which all the initiatives in the international landscape can be smoothly performed and achieved.

Based on Kardan University’s five year strategic goals framework “Vision of Excellence” the OIA has aligned its action plans based on the following four major areas:

  • Accreditations and Memberships
  • International Partnerships
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Faculty Exchange Programs
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Prof. (Dr.) Esser Dey

Director, International Affairs & Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

At national level, Kardan University seeks to build partnerships with well-established governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to provide quality higher education opportunities and develop the skills and performance of its corporate partners’ staff and come up with possibilities for its students to utilize external resources and opportunities.

National partnerships serve the following purposes:

  • Enhance staff and student skills and competencies by participating in a variety of events and programs organized by our partners – both at Kardan University and at their own premises
  • Benefitting from specialized experience and expertise of our partners in their respective sectors and fields of operation
  • Engage in strategic partnerships with national educational and capacity building institutions to foster staff capacity and academic excellence.
  • Availability of many potential job/internship opportunities for students and alumni in partner organizations
  • Benefitting from management trainee seats for suitable student candidates at partner organizations
  • Reduction in admission and tuition fees for partner organizations’ employees
  • Possibility of short term customized programs to meet specific organizational goals
  • Exposure and business promotion for partner firms through different events organized by the University
  • Executive English Language and skill development programs for partners’ employees
  • Participation as guest of honor by partner representatives in different events at the university
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Nasratullah Rahimi

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

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