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Kardan University employs over 400 staff across our campuses in Kabul. We manage and develop individuals with diverse educational and professional backgrounds- all passionate about creating a lasting impact in Afghanistan. If you are looking for a rewarding career opportunity, Kardan University is your ideal working environment. At Kardan University, we attract Afghanistan’s top talent, aspiring to the highest level of professionalism.

Current Opportunities

Title Vacancy No Closing Date
Lecturers, Civil Engineering (Water Engineering & Transportation) LCE-KU-02-19 28-02-2019
Lecturers for Computer Science LCS-KU-02-19 28-02-2019
Lecturer/Assistant Professor for MBA Program PM-MBA-KU-02-19 28-02-2019
Assistant Professor/Lecturer for MIR Program L/P-MIR-KU-02-19 28-02-2019
Lecturers for Journalism and Communications L-JC-KU-02-19 28-02-2019
Lecturer/Assistant Professor for Economics LE-Kardan-01-2019 28-02-2019
Lecturer for English (Master Degree Holder) EL-Kardan-01-2019 28-02-2019
Lecturer for Private Law LPL-Kardan-01-2019 28-02-2019
Lecturer for Political Science & IR LPS-Kardan-01-2019 28-02-2019
Assistant to Department, Research and Development ADRD-Kardan-01-2019 28-02-2019
Communication Specialist (Pashto Language) CS-KU-02-19 28-02-2019