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Kardan University aims at achieving the perpetuation of innovation and practices throughout the educational continuum. Adding up an Academic Resource Center is to provide the most comprehensive selection of academic resources available for students on one platform. It is packed with powerful resources such as the Digital library, Research Center, Breakout Rooms, Computer Lab and elegant study areas.

Digital Library

In order to expand our learning resources and provide more academic support to our graduate students, Kardan connects them to the world’s premium digital Library, EBSCOHost, where they can access more than 600,000 e-books, journals, magazines and research articles. Our students can have 24/7 access to the e-library from anywhere in the world.

Breakout Rooms

In order to facilitate students with their learning, Kardan School of Graduate Studies has established three fully equipped breakout rooms, where students can perform their group assignments and group discussions. All rooms are connected to power and high speed wireless internet network.

Computer Lab

Assisting in students’ needs for digital and online work, the computer lab provides a working and learning space equipped with 30 desktop computers, fortified with specialized instructional technology equipment such as electronic white boards, data projectors, and required instructional & development software. All computers are also connected to the digital library.