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Innovation Lab


Kardan Innovation Lab is an enabling platform for Computer Science and Engineering students to let them put their learned theories to the test, learn new things, get familiar with new technologies, and be an inspiration for others.

In i-Lab we provide a learning environment where teams of students can build innovative products and gadgets using open source hardware, open source software, and available technologies. From a smartphone controlled light switch to a gesture controlled flying drone,they can put their imaginations in action. Necessary equipment and facilities will be provided by Kardan University.

Who can join?

All Computer Science and Engineering students who are interested in technology, problem solving, building, programming, and practical working are encouraged to join. Students will be divided in to three member teams.

Working Hours

Saturday to Tuesday and Thursday 08:00 am – 04:30 pm
Wednesday 01:30 pm – 04:30 pm

Membership Benefits

  • Learning new things and getting familiar with new technology
  • Practically implementing projects and applications
  • Solving real life problems through latest technology and techniques
  • Preparing for participation in national and international tech events
  • Inspiring others to join and making a bigger network of makers
  • Completed projects will be showcased and all the team members will be promoted

Registration and Enrolment

For details and registration, students can visit Kardan Innovation Lab at Parwan-e-Du campus or write an email to a.masood@kardan.edu.af