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I believe that in order for students to grow into intellectual assets for the country and become responsible and participative members of a rapidly changing social, economic and political landscape, they need to be equipped with education which is at par with international standards, yet at the same time responsive to local needs.

From day one, Kardan University’s mission has been providing quality education and creating a learning environment which promotes and supports innovation, critical thinking and research.

Kardan University recently organized a major consultation conference which hosted academic intellectuals, faculty and student representatives aimed at revising and updating the whole university curriculum and making it even more aligned with international standards.

This and numerous other initiatives are all taken in order to equip our students with the required skills and resources they need to lead in their fields of interest. The many recent and future endeavors initiated by Kardan University help us remain a pioneer in higher education in Afghanistan while upholding social and professional values and principles to meet the high level of expectations from our people.

I assure you that by joining Kardan University, you are set on track to nurture and realize your dreams. Let’s work together and make a commitment to build your professional career at a standard unmatched in the region.

All the very best,
Meena Rahmani
Vice Chancellor, Academics
Kardan University